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The Republic of Fremantle is an urban distillery in the heart of Fremantle’s west end. After years of exploration, we are ready to share our meticulously crafted spirits.

Founders Jason Townes, Matt Giudice and John McVeigh have a long-held passion for our port city. With a shared desire to showcase the very best of their hometown, every pour is a celebration of what they believe in.

This drive to achieve the highest quality means we are one of the few distilleries in the world who craft our spirit from scratch, from grape to glass. Sourcing our wines from West Australian vineyards, the character of the grapes is carried through to our finished spirit.

Our still was custom-built in Germany and distills the alcohol to a very high purity (96% ABV). Master Distiller Oliver Kitson then infuses the spirit with local botanicals to create our range of gins. From zesty citrus to red fruits, our Aromatic and Full Bodied gins are inspired by the unique flavour profiles of WA wines.

It’s this attention to the finer details of distilling that is our benchmark. Join us in the new spirits democracy – the Republic of Fremantle.


Our spirits are crafted from scratch using innovative grape to glass production methods. The wine is sourced from West Australian vineyards and carefully double distilled in our custom-built copper still. This small batch process allows us to create the ‘good stuff’, distilling our alcohol above 95% and collecting a base we can then use to craft each of our gins and Signature Vodka.

“Using a grape base is a labour of love, but we do it because it makes spirits that are full bodied, aromatic and filled with individuality. ”


Separated by the Swan River, resting on the Indian Ocean and home to Western Australia’s largest general cargo port, Fremantle is known for being multicultural and open spirited. It has a long history of being home to artists, musicians, the seafaring industry and anyone who loves to be a little outside of normal. Attracting international visitors longing to make it home, Fremantle has always been set apart.

It’s this independent spirit that is at the heart of the Republic of Fremantle.


Our spirits are made from wine pressed and fermented in Western Australia. The unique flavour profiles of the wines come through in our spirit and form the inspiration for our gins, from zesty citrus and ripe apricot through to red fruit and juniper. Our botanicals are infused with the base spirit to enhance the character, including grapefruit in our Aromatic Gin and cinnamon in our Full Bodied Gin.

This process imbues the finished spirit with the natural character from these ingredients – a celebration of our provenance.